Friday, June 29, 2012

Top Registry Items

These weeks sure are flying:) with the recent baby shower we just had I would like to share with you all what my top registry items are. Luckily one of my good friends JUST had a baby so she was able to come to Babies R Us and help me register, can I just say THANK THE LORD for her because I would have not even known where to begin.

                                                                           Here we go!

So the Snug-a-Bunny Line... cant get enough of! The material is super soft and it is in neutral colors, I plan on having 2 kids so I didnt want people spending a ton of money on things that were to boyish so we can use them for the second time around, which is far away believe me. We registered for the whole damn line... I mean we had to have them all it just made the most sense...right?! Swing and bouncy seat for obvious reasons but the rock-and-play I have heard numerous reviews and its the best out there, if your baby has a hard time sleeping flat on their backs put them in this and they are propped up making sleep easier for both baby and mommy:)

Baby needs a bath obviously. So why not spend the extra $10 and get a Jacuzzi tub? Seriously this was only $39.00 and the ugly plain blue tubs were like $25, so this just was to cute to pass up. Also it has the little newborn mesh "put in the sink thing" that comes right out. Another top item of mine for sure!

1.) Shopping cart cover- HUGE FAN! When the little guy is old enough to sit on his own this is perfect for germs, it also works amazing in highchairs and it has so much cushion so they actually have some comfort sitting in things with hard surfaces.
2.) Soho Bundle Me- Another must have for all moms. It basically is a sleeping bag for car seats, since I live in MA we will for sure be needing this in the winter to keep the little man warm
3.) Alex & Anais- if it wasnt for me starting to blog I would have not known what these were, they are amazing though super light weight and very fresh looking. You all have raved about them so I cant wait to use them:)
4.) Swaddle Me- Theses are basically swaddles for dummies, cant really mess anything up you basically put the baby in and velcro the sides together, easy enough for someone like me who will most def struggle with swaddling.
These are the bottles we went with. Again just because my friend recommended them- it was either these or Dr. Brown. I am still playing with the idea of getting some Dr. Browns in case he does not take to these ones, moms out there what is your advice with the bottles? Have a few different kinds or just stick with one?

Maclaren Light weight stroller- ladies apparently this is the Ferrari of strollers. Not sure. But I do know that my few of my friends from college went in on this gift together and when I first had gotten it I didnt see a need. I already have a stroller and carseat combo so I didnt understand the need for another one. Boy was I wrong, apparently a light weight stroller like the one above is essential for new moms, he wont be able to go in this until about 3-4 months but Im super excited to use it

This wasn't something I got for my shower it was supposed to be on the post on pregnancy must haves, but I am obsessed with it. This is something that Roberto and I do every Sunday we read the week that we are on. It is short and sweet and it keeps him informed with what is going on with the baby. No matter what is happening or how we both are feeling every Sunday night he reads out loud to me. I like to think it keeps him involved with the pregnancy and he actually gets excited for it. Fun bonding moment.

I would love to hear for all the moms out there on their registry items what they found useful and did not, we are still picking things up before he arrives:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preg Must Haves

                                                        Some of my pregnancy must haves are above

1.) Palmers Coco Butter Stretch Mark cream- I bought this when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and have been using it ever since, I do not have one stretch mark as of yet (knock on wood). Not sure if its the cream or actually genetics but seems to be working

2.) Crane Drop humidifier- We bought this for the baby but I decided to use it now. Pregnancy give you a real bad stuffy nose and I have noticed my throat is scratchy in the mornings, this little gem has cleared it up wonderfully.

3.) Neutrogena Naturals- I bought this because one of my friends scared me and said that you cant use face wash with salicylic acid in it. Normally I dont listen to what everyone says but I decided to switch up my facewash just incase. This actually still has a form of the acid but it is in a natural form.

4.) Palmers Oil- This puppy is fun. Just a bunch of oil that prevents stretch marks again- but I love getting out of the shower pulling my shirt up and rubbing the big ol belly with it then seeing Robertos expression when Im all glistening walking around:)

5.) Drumsticks- OK preggos gotta crave something fun right? Heaven in a box. Love sugar cones love chocolate hard coating and love nuts... thanks Nestle.

6.) Still on S. Pellegrino cant get enough of this stuff- and it sorta reminds me of drinking a beer, not sure why but it does.

Monday, June 25, 2012


              Sometimes its better to just let the pictures do the talking... so here is picture overload:) 

Parents to be<3 He is my rock- so lucky to have him
My mom and Roberto's mom worked so hard on all the decorations- the banner was my fav

Baby Cake!

My brother Dallas hand drew a picture for Landon- brought tears to my eyes.

Party Favors Ready to Pop with popcorn and candies

Home made bench for the litle man

SOPHIE- I got 2 sophies he is so spoiled!

College Bests


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

29 Weeks! Capture into my life

Large and IN CHARGE!

This momma is growing ...obviously my BELLY but my hair roots as well! ugh good thing my doctor gave me the OK to get highlights done during pregnancy or I would have a free ombre (which I am not a fan of and do not see the point) my hair appointment is at 7am on Saturday which I'm pretty sure should be illegal. Also this week I have discovered as much as I enjoy redsauce ex: Pasta, Lasagna, Meatball subs etc... it is something I should avoid completely, heartburn is FIERCE whenever I eat it- byebye Italian Lacy for 10 more weeks.

         BABY SHOWER is this weekend and these are the people I am most excited to see:

My Family! They are my heart and soul, my dad James is coming 5 hours for this. My mom Susan she has helped me in more ways then I can explain throughout this whole pregnancy, I couldn't be more thankful for her, also my brother Dallas..he is a little sh*thead but I love him and he is going to be the best uncle there ever was:)

                                                                            MY FRIENDS:)
1. My Best Friend in the whole world Alex- she lives in SanFran and is flying home for this:)
2.) Best Friends from College- Candice, Jordan, and my roomate Christy
3.) College Roomates Christy and look its Brie @ Brielle Belle
4.) All the girls again- add Amy
5.) My best friends from home Lacey and Danielle

No matter how far apart I am with these ladies they continue to be my backbone. They truly are what best friends should be. Every single one of them has been there for me throughout this whole pregnancy and any curve ball life throws at me I know I can pick up the phone and they will be there. Thank you ladies and I cant wait to see all your pretty faces on Saturday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lets Confess

Happy Friday!!! Confession time....


It has been years and I mean years since I have had a poptart. I had one this morning  (blame it on the pregnancy) and I said I would only eat 1 tart in the package. Both are gone and I am now picking the crumbs up and eating those as well.


I need to purchase slip on shoes only. Attempting to strap my sandals on this morning was something that should have been video tapped, lots of grunting blurred vision and got very light headed.


I am going through a nesting phase. Poor Roberto I will be going ape shit on my house this weekend. Every tiny area will be cleaned, like on my hands and knees cleaned.


I am beyond giddy Teen Mom has re-started and also very sad it is the last episode. Farrah has the biggest case of bipolar disorder I have ever seen, I think she needs to swap places with Amber...and maybe since she is on national television and a "model" a talent coach should teach her how to cry pretty while on camera.


I'm debating to get a spray tan for my shower next weekend, but the thought of someone seeing me all bellied out is really testing me... prob will skip that.


Whenever my boss walks by my desk I shuffle papers around to make it look like I am busy. Sometimes I even go as far as to slam drawers and sigh loudly so she thinks I am swamped.


I can not for the life of my curl my hair with a straighter. I have tried EVERYTHING, just doesnt curl. This morning I tried again and got so aggravated I almost threw the straighter in the toilet.

Have a good weekend, nesting begins

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scaredy Cat

I can honestly say that I am a pretty chill person. I am not a hypochondriac, I never want to go to the doctor or call them, even when I get really really sick I just wait it out when most people would call in a second. So going into labor should be interesting to say the least.With that being said....rewind back to yesterday.

I call Roberto after my meeting at work and let him know that I have not felt the baby move since Saturday. His response "is that a joke? why am I finding out now... call the doctor" I immediately start to get freaked out... ahhh no thanks maybe he is just in different position or relaxing or better yet maybe he is sleeping and this is a sign that I will have a really calm baby. None of these suggestions worked and I was forced to call the doctor. Apparently not feeling the baby move for 24hrs is a HUGE red flag and doctors take it very seriously, they told me to go straight to the hospital go to labor and delivery and they would be waiting for me.

Que in pregnancy emotions.... I did the only thing that came naturally to me... I cried.

After calling my mom and Roberto I headed to the hospital where I was hooked up to every machine possible. Obviously they find the heart beat immediately and place a contraction device on my stomach. After 5 minutes of laying there the baby is jumping around like he is going to pop out of my stomach... UGH embarrassment -THIS IS WHY I DONT CALL THE DOCTOR- I said to the doctor that this was not happening at all for the passed 3 days and I swore up and down by it, she was very kind and said that its better safe then sorry and anytime the baby is not moving for more then 24hrs they need to know.

Baby is fine, I am fine. He has changed positions which is what I thought originally he is now kicking me in the cervix region so it feels more like gas then kicking which I know now is actually the baby tap dancing on my lady bits. Look on the bright side- atleast everyone knows the plan now if I go into labor at work, so I like to think of this little hospital visit as a "dry run" and we got to do our hospital tour as well, kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

                                             Thanks Tybee this is exactly how I felt last night too

Monday, June 11, 2012

3rd Trimester

28 weeks!

I am on the home stretch now ladies!!! Last and final trimester... phew! I can honestly say when we found out we were pregnant back in January I thought this pregnancy would drag on... all summer with a huge belly no adult beverages and super uncomfortable, ugh.. but to my surprise it sure has flown by. I started doing this blog so I could track my pregnancy and my emotions so I could read back and reflect on how it was for me. Even now when I read back I laugh at myself for not taking every moment in and enjoying it. I am one of those people that necessarily does not "enjoy" being pregnant, BUT I know I will miss it... getting into work checking every mommy blog I can find, googling my pregnancy and seeing how much this little boy has grown, and feeling the bumps and nudges in my tummy all day long, will sure be missed.We officially have almost 2 months left and the panic has set in. How will we be as parents? Will breastfeeding work? Will I know how to make him stop crying? Will we agree on parenting styles? Will I lose my pregnancy weight? How will labor go? Who will he look like? These are a very few of the questions that go through my head on a daily basis. Roberto has been a SAINT through this whole thing I can not imagine going through this with anyone but him, constantly tells me how beautiful I am and how great of a job I am doing, seriously a good catch I have. Sooo now that I have bored you with this sappy stuff I should get back to work and try to push "baby will be here in a few weeks" thoughts away!

                                                                               Preggy Track

How far along? 28 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 20 lbs gained
Maternity clothes? 2 adorable maternity shirts from H&M which I said I wouldn't do, but they were just to cute!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Starting to get restless at night, up a couple times to pee and switch positions
Best moment this week: Reaching the final TRI:) wooohoo
Miss Anything? Missing the alcohol has now changed to... missing being comfortable and being able to see and shave my lady bits without pulling my tummy around;-)
Movement: Tons!
Food cravings: Blueberry anything.. muffins, waffles, scones, blueberries in general...blueberry beer (I kid)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? out for the count
Wedding rings on or off? I bought a fake diamond band so I wouldn't feel like a hussy walking around with a big belly and no judgement
Happy or Moody most of the time: Tear jerking moments are back in full effect I could cry at the sound of a pin drop now a days
Looking forward to: The baby shower and finally getting everything ready for the little boy to arrive

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


                                     I think it is appropriate to do this post for mainly one reason.
                                       They are considering THIS MAN to be the next Bachelor. 

Roberto Martinez

AND the look alike is...

BAM My own Roberto!

First I am all sorts of giddy about Roberto M being the next bachelor for obvious reasons...he has my boyfriends name for starters, and when he was on Ali's season I was IN LOVE with him, also he reminds me so much of my Roberto it isn't even funny! So all you ladies who do not watch the Bachelor my advice would be to seriously start when and if he is chosen.

That's all....

Monday, June 4, 2012

You might be surprised to know that...

Monday = no fun day! My 26th Birthday was Saturday and it was pouring rain here, so I decided to make Roberto suffer through shopping all day because it was MY birthday and he had to spend it with me:)

This pretty little accessory is what will carry Baby V's stinky diapers, vomit cloths, and dripping bottles! There was absolutely no need to get this due to the fact that it IS a diaper bag so it will get ruined most likely however I justified it as: It is my purse and it will be with me at all times AND I am carrying this baby for 9 months and pushing the thing out, so I want it. End of discussion. So she's mine!


 Erin at "Swanky Southern Yankee" tagged me in her most recent post and the idea is to post 10 things my readers may be surprised to know about me... so here goes

You may be surprised to know that~ I have 3 tattoos and if it was socially acceptable and my job didn't care I would get a sleeve. I am obsessed with tattoos!

You may be surprised to know that~ Before I was pregnant I had a very high tolerance for alcohol (not because I was an alcoholic) but I could drink most guys under the table, only if it was beer. Sky Vodka= no no for Lacy not allowed to touch it... I turn into all sorts of evil.

You may be surprised to know that~ I was a dancer from age 3 until senior year in highschool, which included up to 8 different types of dance. I don't know how my mom didnt go bankrupt that sh*t is expensive.

You may be surprised to know that~ I did not eat any type of seafood at all until 2 years ago, now I am obsessed. Sushi- gagged at the thought now I cant get enough of the smushy fishy rice.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am extremely obsessed with the show Bachelor/Bachelorette I have not missed one episode or season since day 1 with Alex Michel

You may be surprised to know that~ I am a natural blonde- never dyed my hair once. Highlight it but never dyed. Thinking of going black/brown but scared of never getting my original color back. 

You may be surprised to know that~ I hate working out, everything about it. There isnt one thing I enjoy...everyone always says that once you get in a routine and start "seeing results" you will become obsessed... not me... no thanks.

You may be surprised to know that~ When this little baby is born I plan on being a very strict parent. I was raised by strict parents and I will not tolerate bad behavior, back talk, or a child with no respect for others. The last thing anyone wants is to go out to dinner and not enjoy themselves because a kid is acting out.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am a die hard football fan. HUGE. I think this is how I fished in my puerto rican hunk of a boyfriend. Patriots are my team of choice obviously, I have 3 jerseys 2 of whom no longer play for us, thank you Adam Vinatieri and Randy Moss. I currently have Wes Welker and they are thinking of trading him which Billy will be getting a hate letter from me if this happens.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am scared to be alone. Yep said it. I have had boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend, I have not been single more then 2 months in my entire life, I think this even dates back to kindergarten. Now that I am knocked up I think I have finished jumping:) 

                             You're Turn: and I'm not doing 10 because Im tired and cranky today

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