Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Laugh

A babies laugh is the most amazing sound in the entire world.

Everything is new and exciting

I wish we all lived like babies and cherished the smallest things in life.

The tiniest kiss on a hand can put a baby into hysterics 

And warm everyone's heart

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinterest Gone Wrong

 You guys...

I thought for sure I had nailed this one on the head.

Healthy Mint Choc "Icecream"
Simply add mint extract to Chobani choc chunk yogurt and a little food coloring

And wam bam thank you ma'am

Freeze and enjoy...


Absolutely disgusting. Vom City. 
So if you see this pin floating around Pinterest it is NOT a good idea-I would rather just not eat ice cream all together than scarf this healthy version down.

We did have a good time jumping around in our jumparoo though

And talking with our Puppy

And out most favorite thing to do is splash around in the tub

I probably could have cropped that a little better, he is gonna be so embarrassed when he gets older.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Half a year old!

Besides almost shipping my child off in a pretty little care package to Africa...I would say its been a good month.

I'm kidding... kinda.

He's lucky he's cute.

Health: We have switched Pedi's, mine was getting me no where. She was very nice, just not giving me answers I was looking for and not very confident in her presentation with things. Our new Pedi is very nice, she think he has allergies so he is on an allergy medicine once a day. I am still convinced it is acid reflux and we should to up his Zantac intake. Any other moms deal with reflux? He will be sleeping so peacefully and wake up in a fit of rage in which there is no calming him down unless I pace the room bouncing him. Goodtimes.

Weight- no problems- he was 17lbs 14oz at the doc office, growing like a champ! Still eating soilds 3 times a day, I am basically giving him everything we eat. I puree it in the baby bullet and he takes it down with no problems. We recently tried spaghetti, he was a huge fan!

Sleep: One word. Awful. This little rosey cheeked boy has his 2 bottom teeth poking through! We have broken ground finally!!!! He goes down around 6/7pm and wakes up constantly screaming until I bounce him back to sleep. Since he is now rolling he rolls to his back and screams bloody murder until we either turn him back on his stomach or pick him up and walk him. I doubt this is from teething? Which brings me back to the reflux question. Hopefully our Pedi can answer this at our follow up appointment on the 28th.

Likes: I am not sure of anything at the moment. Just kidding. CARTOONS is a big one! I know I shouldnt have him infront of the TV but this is the only place I can catch a 20 minute break. His eyes are glued to the TV when Disney Junior gets put on and he goes into a trance staring.

 Also the dog he loves the dog. He will be in a fit and Tybee will walk in the room and he instantly stops and smiles at him, I swear they talk to each other. As seen below- quick snap of a pic as soon as he saw him.

Clothes: He is in 9 month jammies now, they are a little big but his toes are a tad bit squished in the 6 month ones. 

As always I am sad to see another month fly by before us however I am VERY excited to see what is to come.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Last year on Valentines Day I announced to the world we were expecting

I was so scared and nervous for what was ahead.

Although it has not been easy I would not change one single thing.
I have finally found true love.
Happy Valentines Day to my sweet Valentine.

May you always have:

Enough happiness to keep you sweet
Enough trials to keep you strong

Enough sorrow to keep you human
Enough hope to keep you happy

Enough failure to keep you humble
Enough success to keep you eager

Enough friends to give you comfort
Enough wealth to meet your needs

Enough enthusiasm to look forward
Enough faith to banish depression

Enough determination to make each
day better than yesterday.

Enough love to pass around.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Look

I have to give credit where credit is due...

is responsible for this amazing blog design! She seriously is so prompt, organized, and listens to everything you say. I have wanted a new design for some time and did a lot of research and finally decided to take the plunge with Miss Aubrey and I am sooo happy I did. If anyone is looking for a new fresh look please give her a shout you wont regret it.

Also I have my M.I.A for awhile now as we have had one hell of a few weeks.

A huge snow storm hit us and dropped 3+ feet of snow 

Also we lost a family member, Landon has lost his uncle.
Roberto's brother was stabbed and died of his injuries at a young age of 20.
A parent should never have to bury their children it is just wrong.
It makes me very sad and scared at the world we are now living in- this is what I have to raise my little boy in. There are people out there that now carry guns and knives like they are carrying their wallet. The days when there was a confrontation and you went out back to fist fight are long gone. People will actually stab or shot people without thinking twice and that is crazy to me.

We all wore red bows for his favorite color and his nickname was "Bo" 

So needless to say I have been very emotionally drained and in a need of a serious jug of wine.

I leave you with my sons newest face
Thank god he can make me smile!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Its a dad thing

I was told by everyone and anyone that my child is a spitting image of me.

They lied.
To make me feel better probably-- take a look at this picture of him and baby Roberto side by side.

Also in NewEngland we are getting pounded with snow starting tomorrow going into Saturday.
33inchs to be exact.
Should be a good time

So on my lunch break off to the liquor store I go.