Monday, June 4, 2012

You might be surprised to know that...

Monday = no fun day! My 26th Birthday was Saturday and it was pouring rain here, so I decided to make Roberto suffer through shopping all day because it was MY birthday and he had to spend it with me:)

This pretty little accessory is what will carry Baby V's stinky diapers, vomit cloths, and dripping bottles! There was absolutely no need to get this due to the fact that it IS a diaper bag so it will get ruined most likely however I justified it as: It is my purse and it will be with me at all times AND I am carrying this baby for 9 months and pushing the thing out, so I want it. End of discussion. So she's mine!


 Erin at "Swanky Southern Yankee" tagged me in her most recent post and the idea is to post 10 things my readers may be surprised to know about me... so here goes

You may be surprised to know that~ I have 3 tattoos and if it was socially acceptable and my job didn't care I would get a sleeve. I am obsessed with tattoos!

You may be surprised to know that~ Before I was pregnant I had a very high tolerance for alcohol (not because I was an alcoholic) but I could drink most guys under the table, only if it was beer. Sky Vodka= no no for Lacy not allowed to touch it... I turn into all sorts of evil.

You may be surprised to know that~ I was a dancer from age 3 until senior year in highschool, which included up to 8 different types of dance. I don't know how my mom didnt go bankrupt that sh*t is expensive.

You may be surprised to know that~ I did not eat any type of seafood at all until 2 years ago, now I am obsessed. Sushi- gagged at the thought now I cant get enough of the smushy fishy rice.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am extremely obsessed with the show Bachelor/Bachelorette I have not missed one episode or season since day 1 with Alex Michel

You may be surprised to know that~ I am a natural blonde- never dyed my hair once. Highlight it but never dyed. Thinking of going black/brown but scared of never getting my original color back. 

You may be surprised to know that~ I hate working out, everything about it. There isnt one thing I enjoy...everyone always says that once you get in a routine and start "seeing results" you will become obsessed... not me... no thanks.

You may be surprised to know that~ When this little baby is born I plan on being a very strict parent. I was raised by strict parents and I will not tolerate bad behavior, back talk, or a child with no respect for others. The last thing anyone wants is to go out to dinner and not enjoy themselves because a kid is acting out.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am a die hard football fan. HUGE. I think this is how I fished in my puerto rican hunk of a boyfriend. Patriots are my team of choice obviously, I have 3 jerseys 2 of whom no longer play for us, thank you Adam Vinatieri and Randy Moss. I currently have Wes Welker and they are thinking of trading him which Billy will be getting a hate letter from me if this happens.

You may be surprised to know that~ I am scared to be alone. Yep said it. I have had boyfriend to boyfriend to boyfriend, I have not been single more then 2 months in my entire life, I think this even dates back to kindergarten. Now that I am knocked up I think I have finished jumping:) 

                             You're Turn: and I'm not doing 10 because Im tired and cranky today

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  1. This is the same thing that happens to me with Captain Morgan. I turn into one crazy biatch. And I love Bachelor/ette too! Just finished!

  2. Who are your Bachelorette picks this year? I'm going for Arie.