Wednesday, June 20, 2012

29 Weeks! Capture into my life

Large and IN CHARGE!

This momma is growing ...obviously my BELLY but my hair roots as well! ugh good thing my doctor gave me the OK to get highlights done during pregnancy or I would have a free ombre (which I am not a fan of and do not see the point) my hair appointment is at 7am on Saturday which I'm pretty sure should be illegal. Also this week I have discovered as much as I enjoy redsauce ex: Pasta, Lasagna, Meatball subs etc... it is something I should avoid completely, heartburn is FIERCE whenever I eat it- byebye Italian Lacy for 10 more weeks.

         BABY SHOWER is this weekend and these are the people I am most excited to see:

My Family! They are my heart and soul, my dad James is coming 5 hours for this. My mom Susan she has helped me in more ways then I can explain throughout this whole pregnancy, I couldn't be more thankful for her, also my brother Dallas..he is a little sh*thead but I love him and he is going to be the best uncle there ever was:)

                                                                            MY FRIENDS:)
1. My Best Friend in the whole world Alex- she lives in SanFran and is flying home for this:)
2.) Best Friends from College- Candice, Jordan, and my roomate Christy
3.) College Roomates Christy and look its Brie @ Brielle Belle
4.) All the girls again- add Amy
5.) My best friends from home Lacey and Danielle

No matter how far apart I am with these ladies they continue to be my backbone. They truly are what best friends should be. Every single one of them has been there for me throughout this whole pregnancy and any curve ball life throws at me I know I can pick up the phone and they will be there. Thank you ladies and I cant wait to see all your pretty faces on Saturday!