Friday, June 15, 2012

Lets Confess

Happy Friday!!! Confession time....


It has been years and I mean years since I have had a poptart. I had one this morning  (blame it on the pregnancy) and I said I would only eat 1 tart in the package. Both are gone and I am now picking the crumbs up and eating those as well.


I need to purchase slip on shoes only. Attempting to strap my sandals on this morning was something that should have been video tapped, lots of grunting blurred vision and got very light headed.


I am going through a nesting phase. Poor Roberto I will be going ape shit on my house this weekend. Every tiny area will be cleaned, like on my hands and knees cleaned.


I am beyond giddy Teen Mom has re-started and also very sad it is the last episode. Farrah has the biggest case of bipolar disorder I have ever seen, I think she needs to swap places with Amber...and maybe since she is on national television and a "model" a talent coach should teach her how to cry pretty while on camera.


I'm debating to get a spray tan for my shower next weekend, but the thought of someone seeing me all bellied out is really testing me... prob will skip that.


Whenever my boss walks by my desk I shuffle papers around to make it look like I am busy. Sometimes I even go as far as to slam drawers and sigh loudly so she thinks I am swamped.


I can not for the life of my curl my hair with a straighter. I have tried EVERYTHING, just doesnt curl. This morning I tried again and got so aggravated I almost threw the straighter in the toilet.

Have a good weekend, nesting begins


  1. HAHAHA to the looking busy for boss thing. I do the same thing!

  2. Seriously. Farrah has the ugliest cry ever. And don't worry, I can't curl my hair with a straightener either.

  3. Stopping by from Confessional Friday!

    Can I just say what a cute blog name and totally adorbs blog design! LOVE the colors, girl!

    Oh my goodness, I haven't had a pop tart in YEARS! Was it as good as you remember?!

    I am all about the spray tans! They are so fast, stay on for quite some time, an just make you feel pretty! I say go for it!

    Wishing you a happy Friday! Hope you'll think about dropping by to say hello!

    [ LIFE OF MEG ]

  4. I felt the same way you did about the spray tan with my big ole' belly, but the girl doing it assured me she had seen plenty of preggos. So I went ahead and did it for my MIL's graduation party and was SO glad I did! It just helped me feel prettier, which is a hard feat to accomplish near the end of pregnancy! PS: I wore undies that time ; ) Go for it!