Wednesday, June 6, 2012


                                     I think it is appropriate to do this post for mainly one reason.
                                       They are considering THIS MAN to be the next Bachelor. 

Roberto Martinez

AND the look alike is...

BAM My own Roberto!

First I am all sorts of giddy about Roberto M being the next bachelor for obvious reasons...he has my boyfriends name for starters, and when he was on Ali's season I was IN LOVE with him, also he reminds me so much of my Roberto it isn't even funny! So all you ladies who do not watch the Bachelor my advice would be to seriously start when and if he is chosen.

That's all....


  1. Holy guacamole I will be going on the show if he is chosen. Loved him from the start!

  2. no way, Roberto?!??! The girls are gonna go wild! And you are right, your man DOES look just like him, lucky you!!!!

  3. aahhhh!! i LOOOVE Roberto! i cant wait to tune in!