Friday, November 30, 2012


I found *this blog* through a friend of mine.

Clicked on it and read baby Kai's whole story.


My heart breaks for this family. They had to say goodbye to their baby boy.

With the holiday season fast approaching I am sure everyone is stressed to the max which shopping, cooking, baking, and decorating.

Please everyone just take a moment to stop and reflect on what is truly important in life.

Give your baby or loved one an extra squeeze, kiss, cuddle- preparing dinner & cleaning the house can wait.

Also say an extra prayer for this incredible family.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

3 month must have

4 month

Dr. Browns Bottle (8 Oz)- We tried AVENT bottles at first and he had such bad colic that I ended up going out and buying the Dr. Browns which are supposed to be the best of the best. It did help his colic however I am not sure if it is because he just simply "grew out of it" or it was actually the bottles. I would recommend NOT registering or buying a ton of bottles until after you find out what works for you, of course someone told me that and I didn't listen- I ran out and bought 4 packs of avent 4oz bottles and 4 packs of the 9oz ones so now we have millions just sitting around. FAIL.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush- This is the best bottle brush no just because it is a Dr. Brown one but because the bottom comes out and cleans out the nipples really good.

Halo Sleep Sack- so basically Landon sleeps on his stomach, there I said it, and has been since 6 weeks old, said it again. SIDS I know thank you. BUT he was monitored every second for 4 weeks before I let him sleep alone like this. POINT is ... he fusses alot during the night and he somehow wiggles his way out of the blanket I have on him (SIDS again) so I put him in his jammies, zip this sucker up, and WHAM he cant get out of it so its a blanket that just follows him. No I do not swaddle his arms while he is face down fyi. Any sleep sac will work this is the only one I found that I could get a decent pic of.

Crane Air 'drop' Humidifier- I have talked about this before but it is a must for a newborn. I am not sure if I would get this style again or not- sometimes it makes the floor and the furniture around soaking wet which is not much fun dealing with when you have a screaming newborn

Bouncy Seat- Ok ladies this is a MUST! When I registered... I registered for cute and cuddly *NEWS TO ME* babies do not like cute and cuddly, THIS is what I have and we have used it a total of ZERO times, he hates it there is nothing for him to look at or play with. It does come in handy for feeding cereal in but that's what highchairs are made for. Do yourself a favor and get something that has toys right infront of their face so they can hit them grab them stick them in their mouth etc. The tackier the toy the better

Cloud Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep- Another must! This sheep has the most amazing soothing sounds such as rain, heartbeat, whale noise, and waves. We originally got the sound machine which has "white noise" I was told babies like this.. so I bought it. White noise is apparently CAR HORNS honking and static... awful scary noises that he did not enjoy falling asleep to what-so-ever.

Aveeno- Baby aveeno cream is AMAZing! He has such soft skin everywhere except his face! I didnt want to put the original baby cream on his face so I bought this and it takes all the rough bumpy red skin away

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Friends Play Gym- I cant find the one we have but any activity gym is a must he loves laying there and kicking his feet battling the toys

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash- I am convinced this stuff makes him sleepy. He can be in a FIT of rage, I plop him in the tub wash him with this and feed him a bottle and he is OUT cold.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Landon is sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought this day would come!
People were right though-- one day it will just happen.
Before I was like yeah ok whatever
But really it does "just happen"

Thanksgiving eve is when it all happend-he went to bed at 630pm and woke up at 540am.
Right around 3 I woke up in a panic because I thought something bad happend since this is the first time he has ever gone this long. 
I went in to check on him and he was snuggled up sucking his thumb and all was o.k.
Again I woke up at 5 in another panic, ran to his room... still o.k.
At this point I was way to excited that he had gone 11 hours that I couldn't go back to sleep and just starred at the monitor tapping Roberto every 20 minutes saying "he still sleeping"
That was the first night...dont kid yourself it only happend that once now I dont wake up at all. 

I would say the finding of the thumb has been a big contender in sleeping so long

..and the fact he is on cereal...but we can leave that little tid bit out.

Oh Instagram "lacelouu" :) in case you want to follow along 

Cheers to a good nights sleep!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Non Traditional.

I have seen this floating around the blog world and the non traditional "Thankfuls" have had me in hysterics and I think its a great idea- so here's what I am TRULY thankful for...

- I am thankful for the fact everyone feels its perfectly O.K. that the reason I still have a kangaroo pouch is because I "JUST" had a baby. I'll prolong this as far as I can.

-I am thankful I am not a turkey.
that would suck

- Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs. She is pretty much the staple of perfection so this little fact makes me thankful.


- I am thankful for a humidifier because since its been running Landon has gotten up once a night.
Or this could be the fact that he is now in his crib and the monitor has somehow gotten turned down before we go to sleep. Whatever it takes right?

- I am thankful for dry shampoo because without it I would be a serious looking grease monkey.

- Wine. Yellow Tail Merlot to be exact. Large bottle.
Enough said

-Dog Shaming

Oops I did it again! I bit my dad’s oxygen tube.View Postshared via

I do not like car rides!I dropped a deuce on the front seat of my Pet Sitter’s car… Then I puked down her leg and into the…View Postshared via

Gypsy the Basenji mix likes to take pillows out of their pillowcases.  The bottom picture is evidences her complete lack of shame.

Guten tag Schweiz - Hello Switzerland!

Whenever Mom & Dad have “Private Time” I sit outside the door and howl like I am dying. Now everybody knows our business!

...ok Im done

-SO thankful for text msging... all set with the awkward phone conversations with people you really dont want to talk to. I hate talking on the phone. I hate the phone. I love the F'U button even more, whoops bad signal area

- I am thankful it is Roberto's turn to get up with the baby tonight. 
Even though I can never seem to not get up as well.

- I am thankful for Butch and April from Teen mom (sad face) to see them go
Even more thankful for Barb from teen mom 2

-I am thankful for google. EVERYthing is typed into that little small box and now it recognizes what you want 

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2012

Baby Landon: 3 months

Happy 3 months to our sweet boy!

I decided to do a monthly checkup so I have memories of the munchkin growing up so hopefully its not to boring for all you non-moms:)

Weight: We are unsure of this until his 4 month check up. At his 2 months he was 12lbs so Im thinking he is close to 15 by now, a serious chubbette thats for sure, but I wouldnt have it any other way I am obsessed with all the rolls!

Health: He has officially gotten his first cold, and boy does this break mommies heart! I have googled the crap out of "Babies first cold" and talked with my Pedi and there is literally nothing that you can do for them. I started putting a little vicks on his chest and I am going to start his humidifier to hopefully losen up the mucus

Sleep: Overall he is a good baby. I just have to accept that "sleeping through the night" is 5 hours. We have a schedule he starts his bath at 630 then he eats his bottle at 7pm and is dead asleep from 7pm-1:30ish. Then from 1:30-4 we play the paci game, he needs it to sleep and if it comes out he cries so I have been getting up and putting it back in about 3 times a night. HOWEVER he recently found his thumb which is great news for me! He eats at 4/430am then is back asleep until I wake him at 7am to leave for daycare.

Clothes: He is offically in 3months or 3-6months. Some 0-3 is still fitting, such as the baby GAP jammies, those are the best things ever I hope to keep him in them until he is atleast a year old. HA

Likes: Someone is teething I think. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth and he is drooling alot too. He loves his swing he will just star at himself in the mirror until he falls alseep. He also has been tracking the puppy around the house as well I cant wait to see them as best friends when he gets older. He loves to be pulled from laying down to standing too, such a little man already.

Little punka has gotten his own personality now. When he is hungry he SCREAMS until the bottle is put in his mouth. Very over dramatic for sure, he gets that from his dad Im sure. We love you very much baby boy and look forward to what the next month brings.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lets talk sleep...

Sweet Jesus do I miss a full nights sleep

I knew having a newborn that I needed to say goodbye to my precious 10 hour sleep stretches.

I need my sleep.

I seriously am someone you don't want to be around without it.

Insert baby...

When he was born he had jaundice.

Basically every baby has it he just had a serious case of it and slept ALL the time.

I was in heaven.

3 weeks later he turned into a devil child.
Screaming non stop for 3-4 hours at a time.
Never content.
To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement.

Thank the lord we are passed that.
However this sleeping issue is something I cant quite grasp.
Sometimes he is amazing sleeps 9 hour stretches at a time. Other time he is very fussy all night long, as in needs his paci put in, jumping around, not quite settled. 
We have a bedtime routine, bath then feed around 7/730.
He will sleep until 130/2 then wake up again at  530am. Then there are nights he wakes up 3-4 times a night.
I'm not sure how you moms are getting your babies to sleep all night.
We are starting the transition from the co-sleeper to the crib tonight, I feel like he needs his own space.

Any thoughts on this/suggestions are welcome:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Insta-Weekend Recap

Friday we decided to play dress up

As a dog.

Saturday we took the dog for a walk...

He wasn't thrilled...

Watched a little college football

And NFL football... representing the Patriots of course

Monday there was alot of snuggling and playing 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You know Your a Mom when...

So becoming a new mom has many challenges 

You are up all night long wondering if your baby is still breathing
..every time they move on the monitor you jump out of whatever you were doing to check it

You never in your wildest dreams thought you would pick a human being up and smell their butt 10 times a day

You just forced them into bed and you've had enough then an hour later you're bawling your eyes out at their baby pics. 

You cant wait until they poop to look at it and exam it.
...And never EVER will you let your significant other change a poopy diaper without taking a peak or atleast asking"how did it look".. "was it alot"... "but like what color"

When they grow out of #1 diapers you save all the ones you didnt use
...for baby #2

Sleeping 5 hours straight is considered a full nights sleep!

You say at least once a day "I'm not cut out for this job," but you know you wouldn't trade it for anything.

Happy Hump Day!