Monday, June 25, 2012


              Sometimes its better to just let the pictures do the talking... so here is picture overload:) 

Parents to be<3 He is my rock- so lucky to have him
My mom and Roberto's mom worked so hard on all the decorations- the banner was my fav

Baby Cake!

My brother Dallas hand drew a picture for Landon- brought tears to my eyes.

Party Favors Ready to Pop with popcorn and candies

Home made bench for the litle man

SOPHIE- I got 2 sophies he is so spoiled!

College Bests



  1. Haha love the picture of you two and the Sophie's. She was so sad to have to finally give that to you!

  2. you look great and everything looks so cute. Love his name and that little bench with his name on it, too cute. Those Sophie's will come in handy.