Friday, June 29, 2012

Top Registry Items

These weeks sure are flying:) with the recent baby shower we just had I would like to share with you all what my top registry items are. Luckily one of my good friends JUST had a baby so she was able to come to Babies R Us and help me register, can I just say THANK THE LORD for her because I would have not even known where to begin.

                                                                           Here we go!

So the Snug-a-Bunny Line... cant get enough of! The material is super soft and it is in neutral colors, I plan on having 2 kids so I didnt want people spending a ton of money on things that were to boyish so we can use them for the second time around, which is far away believe me. We registered for the whole damn line... I mean we had to have them all it just made the most sense...right?! Swing and bouncy seat for obvious reasons but the rock-and-play I have heard numerous reviews and its the best out there, if your baby has a hard time sleeping flat on their backs put them in this and they are propped up making sleep easier for both baby and mommy:)

Baby needs a bath obviously. So why not spend the extra $10 and get a Jacuzzi tub? Seriously this was only $39.00 and the ugly plain blue tubs were like $25, so this just was to cute to pass up. Also it has the little newborn mesh "put in the sink thing" that comes right out. Another top item of mine for sure!

1.) Shopping cart cover- HUGE FAN! When the little guy is old enough to sit on his own this is perfect for germs, it also works amazing in highchairs and it has so much cushion so they actually have some comfort sitting in things with hard surfaces.
2.) Soho Bundle Me- Another must have for all moms. It basically is a sleeping bag for car seats, since I live in MA we will for sure be needing this in the winter to keep the little man warm
3.) Alex & Anais- if it wasnt for me starting to blog I would have not known what these were, they are amazing though super light weight and very fresh looking. You all have raved about them so I cant wait to use them:)
4.) Swaddle Me- Theses are basically swaddles for dummies, cant really mess anything up you basically put the baby in and velcro the sides together, easy enough for someone like me who will most def struggle with swaddling.
These are the bottles we went with. Again just because my friend recommended them- it was either these or Dr. Brown. I am still playing with the idea of getting some Dr. Browns in case he does not take to these ones, moms out there what is your advice with the bottles? Have a few different kinds or just stick with one?

Maclaren Light weight stroller- ladies apparently this is the Ferrari of strollers. Not sure. But I do know that my few of my friends from college went in on this gift together and when I first had gotten it I didnt see a need. I already have a stroller and carseat combo so I didnt understand the need for another one. Boy was I wrong, apparently a light weight stroller like the one above is essential for new moms, he wont be able to go in this until about 3-4 months but Im super excited to use it

This wasn't something I got for my shower it was supposed to be on the post on pregnancy must haves, but I am obsessed with it. This is something that Roberto and I do every Sunday we read the week that we are on. It is short and sweet and it keeps him informed with what is going on with the baby. No matter what is happening or how we both are feeling every Sunday night he reads out loud to me. I like to think it keeps him involved with the pregnancy and he actually gets excited for it. Fun bonding moment.

I would love to hear for all the moms out there on their registry items what they found useful and did not, we are still picking things up before he arrives:)

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  1. As far as bottles go, we used Dr. Brown's only and I said if she's not given another option she won't know. She always took Dr. B's right away and did great with them. Just use your best mom judgement when he gets won't let you down. Best wishes to you!