Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Preg Must Haves

                                                        Some of my pregnancy must haves are above

1.) Palmers Coco Butter Stretch Mark cream- I bought this when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and have been using it ever since, I do not have one stretch mark as of yet (knock on wood). Not sure if its the cream or actually genetics but seems to be working

2.) Crane Drop humidifier- We bought this for the baby but I decided to use it now. Pregnancy give you a real bad stuffy nose and I have noticed my throat is scratchy in the mornings, this little gem has cleared it up wonderfully.

3.) Neutrogena Naturals- I bought this because one of my friends scared me and said that you cant use face wash with salicylic acid in it. Normally I dont listen to what everyone says but I decided to switch up my facewash just incase. This actually still has a form of the acid but it is in a natural form.

4.) Palmers Oil- This puppy is fun. Just a bunch of oil that prevents stretch marks again- but I love getting out of the shower pulling my shirt up and rubbing the big ol belly with it then seeing Robertos expression when Im all glistening walking around:)

5.) Drumsticks- OK preggos gotta crave something fun right? Heaven in a box. Love sugar cones love chocolate hard coating and love nuts... thanks Nestle.

6.) Still on S. Pellegrino cant get enough of this stuff- and it sorta reminds me of drinking a beer, not sure why but it does.


  1. Neutrogena Naturals is my favorite face wash!

  2. Just bought Neutrogena Naturals myself. I like it so far, and it smells nice! I enjoy the Pelligreno as well, it is so good! Good luck with your pregnancy!

  3. Maybe I need to get a humidifier. My nose has been SO DRY! I agree that carbonated water makes me feel like I'm drinking beer -- or a cocktail.

  4. I love everything on this list...especially the drumsticks!