Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update on life-8 Months

Well holy moly where have I been?
Last time I left you Easter had not even happend....

Well it happend

And we had bunny stew. Im kidding. Isnt he cute?

Onto 8 months old

(yes his hands are down in his diaper. yes he has now found his manhood. yes he loves tugging on it)

Health: I dont know. I really have given up on the health department, I know this is probably not very good to say being his MOTHER but really I cant rack my brain anymore. He is not sick, but he is not happy. Then we will have a week of a perfect baby, then back to hell. Its tiring. 

Little guy is trying so hard to crawl. Still nothing. His new favorite move... as soon as I go to lay him down for bed he gets on all fours and rocks back and forth, not the best time to be practicing his new skill but it really is very cute.

Oh precious sleep. How I miss you! This is a BIG hit or miss. Couple nights of getting up 5, 100  6, times a night. 1 or 2 nights of getting up only once at 2am to eat and going right back down, and then the random most amazing of nights is he only wakes up at 4:30 and eats then back down until 630ish. Its safe to say Google now understands when I type the letter "H" to automatically pull up "How to get your baby to sleep"

We have 2 teeth! 

We are loving the nice weather here in Mass. 70's almost every day, little man loves being outside. He loves walks!

Also he LOVES when papa comes home from work. Probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! He lights right up.
He is a giggling machine. He loves when I hold him and Roberto chases us he legit screams.
I seriously cant believe I will have a 1 year old in 4 months. 

Reason as to why I have been MIA... We are HOMEOWNERS! 
Blog post on the house coming soon!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Basket Fun

Aside from Christmas I think Easter is my second favorite holiday.
L wont remember this year at all but splurging on a Pottery Barn Easter Basket was a must for me. 
I figure he will have it his whole life- because we will be that family that still hides Easter eggs until he is 30.
Pottery Barn Basket & Liner. Goodies all from Target.
The little soft books are amazing for Teething FYI he shoves the whole book in his mouth. Win Win.

We also have a few new outfits to add to the basket.
My most favorite memory of Easter when I was a little tike was coming down the stairs and seeing my new Easter outfit- I just couldn't wait to get all prettied up. I have a feeling L wont have the same enthusiasm for the love of a new outfit throughout the years but that wont stop me from buying him one!

A big milestone in our household this week...
We are officially sitting up in the tub

I am not to sure why this took so long but we had to buy the yellow sponge for him to sit on because the mini tub is so slippery. Speaking of the mini tub we still have him in it because he looks so grown up because the big tub takes so long to fill up. Needless to say we are loving bath time these days.

Dog Owners... Help

L is super duper OBSESSED with Tybee...Tybee is not super duper obsessed with L.
He will do anything to yank touch the dog and this morning Tybee got a little mad. 
I am not sure if he would actually bite him or if he would just nip and give him a piece of his mind? 
For now I guess I will try to keep the wondering hands away from the pup until he has a little more control over how he handles himself. For now I am using the words NO and EASY a lot which mean nothing at the moment to L.
Everyone with dogs are you totally comfortable leaving the baby around them? Is this just small dog syndrome?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

7 months

What the _____?!?!?!

7 months?

I think this is the first time in oh I dunno Landon's ENTIRE life that I have said this month flew by and he was an absolute joy to be around.

I am not going to go all crunchy mom alert on you that is a post for another time. However I can say confidently that it is due to the Amber Teething Neckless. Again I will do a whole separate post on this but it does work 100%

Health: He had his first ear infection about 3 weeks ago. Poor bugger ran a 103.8 temp at 3am, if that doesnt make you run around like a frantic loony toon I am not sure what will. When we called the on-call service they said to just give him Tylenol and re-check it in 45 mins- thankfully it went down to 101 but we kept an eye on it closely.

Sleep: This is on and off still. He is going down between 6/7 sometimes 730pm (thank you daylight savings time). Some weeks he is completely knocked out until 1/130am and I just have to quick feed and he goes right back down until 6/615am. Other times he rolls to his back 3-4 times a night (which freaks him the F out) and starts screaming, eating the bumper, or throwing the blanket on and off his head- in which we have to go in and roll him back over to his stomach. I have no words for his sleep patterns and would like any advice on this flipping to the back situation. I could tie him down to the crib? Duck tape him? Velcro? 

Weight: No problems still- he is starting to stretch out in length but we might need to be upgrading to the "big boy" car seat soon

Likes: We are still loving the Cartoons. Also he is now sitting up in the bath and recently found out that if you smack the water it splashes everywhere so bath time is a fun activity. Grunting big time, like trying to poop grunting but he isnt actually pooping? Does that make sense? Its not the most pleasant sound but he enjoys it so it is what it is. 

We have finally after 7 long months figured each out. You smile, laugh, and our a pure joy to be around. Thank you for making this month easy on mommy. 

Happy 7 Months Baby

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone's weekend was fabulous- we got another 23 inches of snow dumped on us on Friday morning

SNOW day it is...
Kid was seriously happy... might not look it...but he was

 He can be doing legit anything and as soon as he hears Mickey's voice he stops dead in his tracks and watches him intently. I think we might have a theme for his first birthday party...

I spy Tybee....

 Saturday and Sunday was crazy nice.
Heat was open..sooo beautiful.
We did a family trip to Target and the grocery store.
It was Landon's first time in his "big boy" stroller.
He was obsessed.
Made me tear up a little realizing how big he is getting

Momma also made time to get her hair done this weekend
Sometimes I wish I could get one tiny itty bitty smile from this kid.
But nope.
This is called a photobomb...thanks bro.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Laugh

A babies laugh is the most amazing sound in the entire world.

Everything is new and exciting

I wish we all lived like babies and cherished the smallest things in life.

The tiniest kiss on a hand can put a baby into hysterics 

And warm everyone's heart

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pinterest Gone Wrong

 You guys...

I thought for sure I had nailed this one on the head.

Healthy Mint Choc "Icecream"
Simply add mint extract to Chobani choc chunk yogurt and a little food coloring

And wam bam thank you ma'am

Freeze and enjoy...


Absolutely disgusting. Vom City. 
So if you see this pin floating around Pinterest it is NOT a good idea-I would rather just not eat ice cream all together than scarf this healthy version down.

We did have a good time jumping around in our jumparoo though

And talking with our Puppy

And out most favorite thing to do is splash around in the tub

I probably could have cropped that a little better, he is gonna be so embarrassed when he gets older.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Half a year old!

Besides almost shipping my child off in a pretty little care package to Africa...I would say its been a good month.

I'm kidding... kinda.

He's lucky he's cute.

Health: We have switched Pedi's, mine was getting me no where. She was very nice, just not giving me answers I was looking for and not very confident in her presentation with things. Our new Pedi is very nice, she think he has allergies so he is on an allergy medicine once a day. I am still convinced it is acid reflux and we should to up his Zantac intake. Any other moms deal with reflux? He will be sleeping so peacefully and wake up in a fit of rage in which there is no calming him down unless I pace the room bouncing him. Goodtimes.

Weight- no problems- he was 17lbs 14oz at the doc office, growing like a champ! Still eating soilds 3 times a day, I am basically giving him everything we eat. I puree it in the baby bullet and he takes it down with no problems. We recently tried spaghetti, he was a huge fan!

Sleep: One word. Awful. This little rosey cheeked boy has his 2 bottom teeth poking through! We have broken ground finally!!!! He goes down around 6/7pm and wakes up constantly screaming until I bounce him back to sleep. Since he is now rolling he rolls to his back and screams bloody murder until we either turn him back on his stomach or pick him up and walk him. I doubt this is from teething? Which brings me back to the reflux question. Hopefully our Pedi can answer this at our follow up appointment on the 28th.

Likes: I am not sure of anything at the moment. Just kidding. CARTOONS is a big one! I know I shouldnt have him infront of the TV but this is the only place I can catch a 20 minute break. His eyes are glued to the TV when Disney Junior gets put on and he goes into a trance staring.

 Also the dog he loves the dog. He will be in a fit and Tybee will walk in the room and he instantly stops and smiles at him, I swear they talk to each other. As seen below- quick snap of a pic as soon as he saw him.

Clothes: He is in 9 month jammies now, they are a little big but his toes are a tad bit squished in the 6 month ones. 

As always I am sad to see another month fly by before us however I am VERY excited to see what is to come.