Thursday, January 24, 2013

Landon- 5 months

Little man turned 5 months on Saturday and let me tell you this month FLEW by!

Photo: 5 months ago at this time we were on our way to the hospital- thank you Landon for being the light in our lives

Health: Im just going to go ahead and say that we have a very high needs baby. We have spent most of the beginning of the month with our Pedi. Fun times. He is very congested and his breathing is very heavy, she decided she wanted us to get a chest x-ray just to rule everything out. 
Let me start by saying I was unaware how babies received chest xrays, for some odd reason I though they would just lay there and a picture would be taken.
The nurse (who was matter-of-fact huffy puffy) directed me to this:

When I first saw the device I was like what the hell- they made him sit on this bicycle seat thing and put his arms above his head as in the picture- this baby is just hanging out chillin' seems like no problems at all...
But Landon? hot damnnn the kid flipped out and screamed his head off like someone was murdering him on the spot. My heart literally was breaking in a million pieces, to make matters worse they had me stay in the room and hold his hands above his head. Lets just say it took all my strength to not flip out and go ape shit on this huffy puffy xray tech. The process was a total of 5 minutes which obv seemed like hours and once he was taking out and given back to me he calmed down. So if any of you need to bring your baby to an xray tech this is what happens.
The chest xray did come back there was a virus in his lungs which "will go away with time" but we do have to do a nebulizer treatment twice a day.

Weight: No problems here- porker is close to 18lbs I would say. He LOVES food, maybe a little to much. He has had Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Bananas, and Apples. He eats 3 times a day fruit in the morning a starch in the afternoon and veg at night. Also takes abut 4oz every 2/3 hours. 

I am currently making my own food with the baby bullet- which has been super easy, hopefully I can stick with it for months to come.

Sleep: Down by 6/630 and sleeps great until 11/12 then needs the paci, sometimes he will do this a few times a night before 3/330 then we feed him and he is down again until 6/630. Sometimes I will sneak him in bed with me on the weekend and I can get another hour or 2 out of him.

Likes: He LOVES daycare- as you can see above. We are blessed that Roberto's step mom runs a daycare out of her house so she takes him tues-friday and my mom does Mondays. He loves putting anything and everything in his mouth including my fingers, nose, ears, collarbone, hair whatever he can grab is going in the chomper. He has recently discovered his little grasp and clutches EVERYTHING- this results in no jewelry or dangley earings for momma.

Clothes: The white onesies I can still get him in 3 months. However zip/button up jammies are 6+ months look at those legs... they just dont zip! 

I believe we are teething as well. Which should be a fun treat in the upcoming months!


  1. He is so adorable! Your description of the x-ray experience had me literally laughing out loud.

  2. Poor little dude! I hope he feels better soon! Mac's had a nasty chest cold for the last few weeks too. I guess it's pretty typical and definitely going around right now. I hope he's feeling better soon!

  3. Such a cutie! I hope he starts feeling better soon! Landon & Vinny would totally be BFFs if we lived closer :)

  4. Poor little guy! My Nella has had the same thing for weeks! Glad we didn't have to get an xray done!

  5. Wow... I've never seen a devise like that at all but guess it works, huh?! So glad he loves his daycare though!!