Wednesday, January 30, 2013


5 month

Teethers, Teethers, & more Teethers- I put Sophie on this list because I am trying my god forsaken HARDEST to get Landon to chew on her. Everyone out there said this is a must have- we got it and he wants nothing to do with her- takes one chomp and chucks it across the room. The round teether with all the things sticking out is a favorite because he can grab it easy and move to each part of it. We are in the process of an Amber teething neckless, one has been ordered, Roberto is aware his son will be wearing a neckless, and hopefully we will find some relief from the fussiness. I will be sure to report back.

Hyland's Teething Tablets- Again not sure if they work or not but I pop them on a regular basis. It says all natural so I'm game.

Jumpers- Yep loves them. The saucer is a favorite and the one that hangs from a door way is awesome too. He can spend a good amount of time in them before getting bored which is always a plus.

Baby Bullet- I am by no means a all organic "crunchy" mom. I am trying though (hence the teething neckless). My dad bought me this for Christmas and it is very easy to use. I am super lazy so I was worried I wouldn't commit to it but its a little to easy to walk away from. I can just steam anything and throw it in there with water and it makes tons which when freezable they are good for 30 days. Also if you look at the shelf life for the baby food it kinda makes you wanna gag. I mean lets be serious I will probably buy some next week so go easy on me.

BabySpoons- An obvious here- cant use real spoons because they are monsters when eating and will cut their little gums. Plus they make spoons that turn white now to let you know the food is to hot? Genius.

WubbaNub- BEST INVENTION EVER. He loves this. Kinda. He loves throwing it across the room more, but when he is in his car seat all bundled up like the kid in Christmas story and cant move it works wonders, it cant fall out.

Last but not least- a dog. Any dog will work. A live one will be best. The belly laughs that come out of this kid when the dog walks makes my heart explode. Cant take it. Plus the dog cleans up the floor when he drops food, spits up, drools, etc; its a win win.


  1. I love reading these because your little man is a couple of months ahead of mine so I can keep ahead of the game a bit! :) But you use both the exersaucer thing and the doorway jumper? I just bought a doorway one and we were given an exersaucer but I am holding on to the receipt just in case! And I love the dog comment!

    1. :) Yes we use both. The exersaucer I use first when he gets bored with that I put him in the doorway one, switch up the scenery!

  2. we've already got Miller a Sophie!

    & i've heard lots of people rave about the wubbanub!

  3. Haha, great list! I'm trying my damnedest to make Hadley love the Sophie teether too. That thing wasn't cheap! She also loves the doorway jumper and our dogs make her smile without fail. Can't wait to start baby food after her 4 month appointment in a couple of weeks!

  4. My baby also wants nothing to do with the sophie! But it may be because he isnt teething yet. Still I want to see that he is atleast interested in putting it in his mouth. Sigh.

  5. Precious blog and your Landon is such a doll! Found you through Lisa's follower! :)

  6. Great list! Yep, the dog is the best thing you can have for a baby! My kid thinks our dogs are the funniest things on the planet. I know we're not that funny, so I'm glad we have those pups to keep him laughing and entertained!

  7. Your little guy is so adorable! Great list--we loved (and still LOVE) Sophie!

    I'm your newest follower!

  8. Sawyer LOVES Sophie and 4 months is so fun because he can actually start to grasp and hold things. Definitely have to follow your lead and get some baby spoons. I have a feeling solids will be before you know it!

  9. Hey new blog friend! Following you too! Landon is just precious! Love your list, gives me much to look forward to with Reese!