Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Non Traditional.

I have seen this floating around the blog world and the non traditional "Thankfuls" have had me in hysterics and I think its a great idea- so here's what I am TRULY thankful for...

- I am thankful for the fact everyone feels its perfectly O.K. that the reason I still have a kangaroo pouch is because I "JUST" had a baby. I'll prolong this as far as I can.

-I am thankful I am not a turkey.
that would suck

- Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs. She is pretty much the staple of perfection so this little fact makes me thankful.


- I am thankful for a humidifier because since its been running Landon has gotten up once a night.
Or this could be the fact that he is now in his crib and the monitor has somehow gotten turned down before we go to sleep. Whatever it takes right?

- I am thankful for dry shampoo because without it I would be a serious looking grease monkey.

- Wine. Yellow Tail Merlot to be exact. Large bottle.
Enough said

-Dog Shaming

Oops I did it again! I bit my dad’s oxygen tube.View Postshared via

I do not like car rides!I dropped a deuce on the front seat of my Pet Sitter’s car… Then I puked down her leg and into the…View Postshared via

Gypsy the Basenji mix likes to take pillows out of their pillowcases.  The bottom picture is evidences her complete lack of shame.

Guten tag Schweiz - Hello Switzerland!

Whenever Mom & Dad have “Private Time” I sit outside the door and howl like I am dying. Now everybody knows our business!

...ok Im done

-SO thankful for text msging... all set with the awkward phone conversations with people you really dont want to talk to. I hate talking on the phone. I hate the phone. I love the F'U button even more, whoops bad signal area

- I am thankful it is Roberto's turn to get up with the baby tonight. 
Even though I can never seem to not get up as well.

- I am thankful for Butch and April from Teen mom (sad face) to see them go
Even more thankful for Barb from teen mom 2

-I am thankful for google. EVERYthing is typed into that little small box and now it recognizes what you want 

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. whatttt i have one clubbed thumb! this makes me SO happy. lol.

    happy thanksgiving momma!!

  2. Haha these are my favorite! I'm so glad everyone is doing these. I am thankful for the Teen Mom train wrecks as well

  3. I nominated you for a Liebster Award!!! Go check out the details on my post! :)