Thursday, November 29, 2012

3 month must have

4 month

Dr. Browns Bottle (8 Oz)- We tried AVENT bottles at first and he had such bad colic that I ended up going out and buying the Dr. Browns which are supposed to be the best of the best. It did help his colic however I am not sure if it is because he just simply "grew out of it" or it was actually the bottles. I would recommend NOT registering or buying a ton of bottles until after you find out what works for you, of course someone told me that and I didn't listen- I ran out and bought 4 packs of avent 4oz bottles and 4 packs of the 9oz ones so now we have millions just sitting around. FAIL.

Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush- This is the best bottle brush no just because it is a Dr. Brown one but because the bottom comes out and cleans out the nipples really good.

Halo Sleep Sack- so basically Landon sleeps on his stomach, there I said it, and has been since 6 weeks old, said it again. SIDS I know thank you. BUT he was monitored every second for 4 weeks before I let him sleep alone like this. POINT is ... he fusses alot during the night and he somehow wiggles his way out of the blanket I have on him (SIDS again) so I put him in his jammies, zip this sucker up, and WHAM he cant get out of it so its a blanket that just follows him. No I do not swaddle his arms while he is face down fyi. Any sleep sac will work this is the only one I found that I could get a decent pic of.

Crane Air 'drop' Humidifier- I have talked about this before but it is a must for a newborn. I am not sure if I would get this style again or not- sometimes it makes the floor and the furniture around soaking wet which is not much fun dealing with when you have a screaming newborn

Bouncy Seat- Ok ladies this is a MUST! When I registered... I registered for cute and cuddly *NEWS TO ME* babies do not like cute and cuddly, THIS is what I have and we have used it a total of ZERO times, he hates it there is nothing for him to look at or play with. It does come in handy for feeding cereal in but that's what highchairs are made for. Do yourself a favor and get something that has toys right infront of their face so they can hit them grab them stick them in their mouth etc. The tackier the toy the better

Cloud Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep- Another must! This sheep has the most amazing soothing sounds such as rain, heartbeat, whale noise, and waves. We originally got the sound machine which has "white noise" I was told babies like this.. so I bought it. White noise is apparently CAR HORNS honking and static... awful scary noises that he did not enjoy falling asleep to what-so-ever.

Aveeno- Baby aveeno cream is AMAZing! He has such soft skin everywhere except his face! I didnt want to put the original baby cream on his face so I bought this and it takes all the rough bumpy red skin away

Baby Einstein Caterpillar Friends Play Gym- I cant find the one we have but any activity gym is a must he loves laying there and kicking his feet battling the toys

Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash- I am convinced this stuff makes him sleepy. He can be in a FIT of rage, I plop him in the tub wash him with this and feed him a bottle and he is OUT cold.


  1. I was feeling the mom guilt too about putting Joey to sleep on his tummy too, but it's the ONLY way he sleeps. He's slept through the night since 2 months old. I waited til he could lift/turn his head. I think some kids just can't get comfortable sleeping on their backs, just like I can't sleep on my tummy!

  2. Yes, yes and yes. I agree with all of these, especially the swaddle, the sleep sheep and the playmat! Mac loved all of those!

  3. we also love our sleep sheep and dr brown bottles!

    and i was gonna get that humidifier but now i dont know!

  4. Thanks for the tips!! Our little one is turning 3 months on Sunday!