Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Season/Babe News

 When we got invited to Roberto's friends wedding back in Feb I thought great I'm going to be 31 weeks pregnant, sober, and not comfortable...I am happy to report to you all a sober wedding is really not that bad after all. However the fact that it was open bar and we were seated right next to it was not as much fun. 
Bartender buddy had alot of fun pouring my soda water with limes every 10 minutes thats for sure.

Baby Landon was the hit at the wedding. Everyone wanted to know every little detail there was about being pregnant and whenever he would move they wanted to be the first to feel it.

In Baby News:

31 Weeks 9 weeks to go

That's in my stomach now. If anyone wants to go grocery shopping tonight and pick one up, feel it, study it... I highly recommend it. If you don't and you actually haven't picked up a real pineapple in awhile I am here to tell you it is not as small as you all think. Its big and heavy. 

Symptoms: My back is pretty much shot. I am not comfortable in ANY position.
I make a lot of weird noises when I move around at night
Getting out of bed now consists of "rolling out" legit
My feet are swelling and now going numb
I have the "pregnancy mask" under my arms (which is better than on my face I guess)
I can't breath... like ever.
My anxiety is in full circle, I never feel like I can calm down
Hormones are back (sorry Roberto)
I have officially inherited the dreaded waddle- Thanks mom for pointing it out

Baby: You are so big now that your movements now consist of pushing your butt, head, leg, arms (not sure what body part it is) against my stomach making one side look very deformed. You got the hiccups for the first time Friday night, I didn't think that I would know when these were actually happening but you can totally tell, it truly does feel like there is something inside you that has the hiccups, I wish your dad was home so he could see it. We are both very excited to meet you and we have an overwhelming amount of love for you already, I just ask that you stay put until full term then you can come out anytime. 


  1. You look gorgeous in that dress Lacy! Only 9 more weeks to go!

  2. aw, congrats! you look so cute. i am right behind you at 28 weeks and going to a wedding where my husband is the best man at..37 weeks!!!!! AHHHH. so stressed.

  3. have this necklace, i wear it every chance i get!!!!!!!!