Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Now vs Then

Last night was my first night of prenatal yoga- first of all I have not stepped foot in a gym since I found out I was pregnant (few walks here and there) Second of all working out for the first time really brought back the time when I used to work out then GO OUT. So when I got home I really starting thinking of how much I missed my wine and beer. I found this picture and it made me die laughing!!! For any of you who are pregnant, have been pregnant, or are thinking of becoming pregnant here is the reality. The "Peeing your pants" really hit home for me because, since this is a blog about documenting my pregnancy here it is, YES I wet my pants a wee little bit EVERY time I sneeze. Mind you this (among other glorious things) has never happened to me before. After about a week of it happening I decided to take to my friend Google, which comforted me by saying it is a pregnancy symptom and it will disappear after the baby is born. Next time you sneeze all you non pregnant people please never take for granted those nice warm DRY underwear of yours ;-) Oh yeah and Happy Thirsty Thursday- think of me enjoying an O'douls or a sparkling water with lemon


  1. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! new follower via email :-)

  2. Its a shame we don't all still live in Campus Center..I'm sure Baby Beam would love a chicken sang ;)

  3. but lacy, it DOESN'T go away after the baby is born--i think it gets worse! lol