Monday, April 9, 2012

Case of the Mondays!

Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend:) We decided on a carriage and car seat which was purchase by Roberto's parents. Here is the handsome hunk trying to figure out how to take the car seat off of the stroller and it was definitely a funny site to watch this all go down. I offered to help multiple times but of course he wanted to "do it himself" so I just stood there for 20 minutes watching until finally he gave up and said "OK fine do it"
And here we are all happy go lucky again pushing the stroller around.  

Also I have been craving spicy things. ANYTHING spicy I want it. So I came across chilli power in my spice rack and I have been putting it on everything, cucumbers, celery, crackers. SO I had my normal craving for popcorn the other night and obv I had my chilli power handy so I dabbled away sprinkling getting super excited

                                                                        Insert Photo...

Look at the yummy popcorn FILLED with spicy goodness. I brought the bowl into the living room and set it down, Roberto of course grabs a HUGE handful and puts it in his mouth chomping away. After it was all chewed up he looks at me and said "What the hell is wrong with that, why is it so HOT" me: "umm because I put chilli power on it" Rob "WHY are you doing that your ruining all of the food" I told him that I NEED it on the popcorn and for him to keep his hands off my things:) settled!

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