Friday, March 30, 2012

GAM GAM loves thrift stores

17 weeks 4 days

Now the fun begins!! Since we have found out the sex, time sure is going quick, well its only been a week but this week FLEW by. Also I have become to actually look pregnant versus a girl that ate to many wings and drank to many pitchers of beer. Our blood work came back from the doctors, ALL test results were negative...phew I can finally relax and enjoy this a little more. HOWEVER I read the hormones were supposed to calm down a little more in the 2nd trimester but I am a RAGING bi*** to poor dear Roberto. Poor kid can not even give me a kiss without me wacking him. My lovely boyfriend is VERY touchy feely and I do not want ANYONE touching me these days, all I want to do is go to sleep with my boppy pillow with NO hands roaming anywhere THANKS!

Fun Fact: My wonderful mother has been a saint through this whole pregnancy... really I cherish her. However she has an extreme addiction to thrift stores and craigslist.

Now I'm not hating on her for this at all because believe it or not she has gotten a lot of super cute baby things that were really easy to clean for next to nothing. I made it very clear to my mother that when she started going insane inside these stores that I want mostly everything new for this baby. No clothes, no used shoes, no bibs with puke stains on them.. you get the drift. Up to this day she has been very good at what she has picked up and I actually have liked everything and I am willing you use them for the baby. Yesterday I think the fact that I was taking these hand me downs without throwing a fit was going to her head, so I recieve a wonderful facebook message from her "free breast pump on craigslist what ya think" oh what do I think??? Great idea mom perfect go grab a free breast pump off craigslist our baby will be drinking milk making this face everytime

                                                      Happy Friday Have a great weekend:)

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