Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultrasound Fun

17 weeks ITS A BOY

We got the confirmation on Friday that we are indeed having a baby boy! You may say 17 weeks that a little early, I seem to think so as well, however the lady said she is 99% sure we are having a boy. My original appointment was just go in and get blood work taken, my doctor had said absolutely NO ultrasound at this appointment. Every appointment starts with a PEE sample- I find this super awkward, because 1.) Roberto is just standing outside this room with a tiny bathroom waiting for me and can hear EVERYTHING and 2.) I never know what to do with the pee when Im done and there are no damn covers. So to make the situation more awkward I decided to take it out with me and put it on the counter. After looking back this was not the best place for the pee and probably will just keep it in the bathroom for the next appointment. We went in to get started on the blood work and I pretty much passed out when she took out 8 viles that I would need to fill. We had decided on doing ALL of the add-ons for the blood work, which includes: Down syndrome, HIV and CF.. the doctor had a good point if the insurance pays for them all why wouldn't you just get them, so we did. After they pulled out pretty much all my blood I got the ultrasound (took alot of whining but they finally agreed to it) And we got to see our baby BOY for the first time:)

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