Wednesday, December 19, 2012

4 month check in

Where is time going?

Although this has not been the easiest month I wish I could stop time and freeze him being this small.

Health: Little man has bronchulitis. Probably the saddest/most annoying/sucky virus out there. Why?
Because there is literally NOTHING you can do.
Says our pedi. Wait it out. Let it run its course. Suffer. Cry. Dont sleep. Have screaming matches with your sig other/mother/mother in law. Its exhausting.
I have been back and forth to the pedi numerous times because hes stomach is going so fast struggling to get the air in his lungs. Its heartbreaking. They finally put him on amoxicillin and gave us a nebulizer. They said this can last for months which is very comforting to know we will be passed this virus come summer. UGH

Weight: Since we have been in and out of the doctors we know this chubber weighs...

15.6lbs-holy mother of god 
Lets just say they weren't really concerned with the fact that he wasn't eating as much.

Sleep- This has obviously been a struggle with the sickness. We had a nice little patch of waking up every 3 hours because he couldn't breath but recently we have started getting back in the swing of things.

He is down everynight by 6/6:30 and sleeps until 3:30 eats then goes back down until 7am. 

Clothes: 3-6months and some 6months. Those chunky legs are struggling to fit into anything though.

Likes: Within this passed week he found his chatty cathy side! TALKS and I mean talks its super cute. He constantly sounds like he is saying yeahhh. I love it. Also still putting everything in his mouth, as you can see above the owls nose is 2 secs away from plopping in his mouth.

I hope by the 5 month photo shoot this sickness is gone and we start dealing with a content baby because these passed 4 months have taken a toll on this mama. Colic then Bronchitis .. by the next one we should be into Teething. yay for me.


  1. Oh man poor little guy! At least he still looks adorable even though e probably doesn't feel like it. How he gets better soon!

  2. hope he gets better soon.
    he is adorable. I cant beleive he's 4 months already.

  3. Aww poor baby. He is absolutely adorable though! I would die for your sleep schedule! how did you do it? For some reason my son wont go to sleep earlier than 10:30p and he still is up at 2:30a and then again at 7 :(


  4. Hope ur little man feels better!! But I do agree - I envy that sleep schedule. How did u do it?!!