Friday, August 10, 2012


It's official I am on bed rest! Yuck! I had my doctors appointment on Wednesday and they checked my blood pressure 3 times and also drew blood to test for preeclampsia. Also found out I am still only 2CM dilated, not changes...womp womp...

Blood pressure was still high so the doctor said she wanted me pulled out of work and do "relaxing" things. Yesterday was my first day "relaxing" and I already know this is going to drive me crazy. Sitting in bed watching TV all day can really do a number on someone especially when they are in the nesting phase, let's just say I got put on time out from Roberto via a phone call while he was at work. I watched 6 episodes of A Baby Story and sappy me cried on every single delivery, these hormones are really out of whack these days.

Good news the blood work came back and I in fact do not have preeclampsia! Also good news, work decided that since this is due to medical reasons they are putting me on short term disability, so these few weeks until the baby guy arrives is not cutting into my Maternity leave! I know I should really take this time to enjoy time to myself before the baby arrives but I just feel myself getting more and more stir crazy.

Any advice on things to do while "relaxing"? Im not officially on bed rest I am just not allowed to go crazy like I have been. So thats the latest update on my life, nothing to exciting at all to blog about.


  1. Bummer! I'm glad to hear you are okay though! I'll be thinking of you!

  2. So glad you don't have Pre-E ... however... the bedrest thing, no bueno!

  3. Well bed rest is no good! At least you can do lots of blogging without feeling guilty, right?! haha

  4. Hang in there!! It's almost over :)

  5. Bed rest can be kinda fun... you should catch up on your favorite Netflix shows (have you seen Downton Abbey?), read a good book, and eat lots of yummy food! :)