Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I was a kid...

It goes without saying my son will grow up with some of the most amazing technology, games, and gadgets that ever excised. I'm sure you all remember me saying that I did not get a cell phone until Junior year in highschool... ladies here was the phone:

There was absolutely NO texting, angry birds, words with friends, nothing... this bad boy basically called my mom and dad and occasionally there was a game of snake. I wanted to dedicate this post to a few things that were basically DA BOMB when I was a kid.

Oregon Trail:

Was this not the best game ever when you were in 4-5th grade? I can remember getting so excited to go to computer class just so we could play Oregon Trail.

Donkey Kong:

Umm hello- best game of all time- also played on that wonderful Super Nintendo- me and my brother would fight for hours on whos turn it was. My favorite was the rollercoaster barrel level, super fun.


Oh boy did this cause alot of problems in highschool. For started we had the good old dial up internet where it took an eternity to get started also while sounding like you were sitting right beside an airplane taking off. Then when it finally got connected your mom or dad would yell at you to get off so they could make a phone call. 

UPGRADE- College Time AOL:

This obviously was a big hit in college, you HAD to have this- and make sure that all your friends were under the right category and labeled such as: "Girlies, Chicka's" etc. I even went so far to have a "Hate" category. Away messages were KEY! You posted everything you were doing they went like this. "class. lunch. class. class. class. dinner. THIRSTY THURSDAY. cells on hit me up!" Also make sure that your profile had the corniest of all corny quotes in there written in HOT pink along with a shot out to your boyfriend. PLEASE dont forget him because that could cause alot of problems.

Little throw back Tuesday for everyone:)


  1. hehe
    I use to have a phone just like that and remembering playing Oregon Trail so well. My favorite game! I use to be all about AOL in high school! LOL

  2. omg I totally remember posting in chronological order the activities of my day on my away message on AIM. I also remember being 'that girl' posting song lyrics that were obviously aimed at someone.... Gahhh I was lame! :)

  3. Hahaha I love the away message. I definitely did that too!

    My aim profiles were the coolest out of everyones too. I had all different types of fonts and spacing and colors.

    I would sit on there for DAYS waiting for my current crush to sign on.

  4. HAHAHAH OH MY GOD I AM DYING....wait you forgot to insert your friends initials in your aim profile....so like mine was LD.CC.CC

    Erin, yes to the crush signing on, def did that, and did anyone else start quitting away messages and letting it go idle or using the generic I am away from my computer because it seemed waaaaaaaaay cooler

  5. HAHAHA I totally remember some of this stuff. And I'm definitely doing a post like this soon. Too funny. What great memories :)
    Cute blog by the way :)

    Lady Million

  6. These poor kids will never know what they are missing. Times were so simple.

  7. haha i had the same phone my jr year of high school too!! i was once playing Snake at a red light and rolled into the car infront of me. soo dumb.