Monday, July 16, 2012

33 weeks- weekend recap!

I seriously hate Mondays. They suck. Anyway... we had our last ultrasound appointment on Friday. The baby looks "perfect" as the nurse said. He is a total of... wait for it... 5lbs! ALREADY! So she described him as "average" but a "robust average" little porker is calculating to weigh mid to upper 8s when he is born. Now she did also say it is better to have a big baby they tend to eat and sleep much better, but the thought of pushing him out at that weight made momma a tad bit nervous. The doctor said she has no doubts in me  but we want to keep an eye on his weight for a vaginal birth. 

On Saturday we had Roberto's friends sons 1 year old birthday party. Seriously take a look at this munchkin

I cant even deal with the face and the super adorable red hair! Everyone bought little fun plastic toys you know stuff that a 1 year old would enjoy... us... we bought him this
probably not necessary for a 1 year old but obviously it was the best gift there, lets be serious.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday was spent on the lake boating and enjoying adult beverages (I had a 6 pack of seltzer dont worry) here are a few pics

Mom and Daddy 33 weeks

Little (not so little anymore) brother Dallas
Me and Amanda- shes a nurse always great to have one of those on board!


  1. Love the dress. I'm a sucker for anything strapless. Don't let the babies weight now concern you too much-it's just an estimate. With Layla I also had an ultrasound around 32 weeks and they said she was already 5 lbs. I was scared about a big baby, but she was only 6lbs 12 oz.

  2. Beautiful dress ... you are positively glowing! One pretty mama!

  3. Thanks for the follow :) Looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. Love the dress! The color looks great on you too. My Fiance keeps saying he wants our baby to be born big, and Im just hoping for healthy. The thought of pushing out an 8lb+ baby is scary.
    My niece got one of those little four wheelers for her first birthday, and to our suprise, she figured out how to use it that day! Now we cant get her off of it. Im sure it will be a loved gift!

  5. cute pictures!! at my 30 week ultrasound they said my baby was 3.5 pounds and everything says they should be 3 pounds at 30 weeks, so we are on the up and up too!!!