Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Basket Fun

Aside from Christmas I think Easter is my second favorite holiday.
L wont remember this year at all but splurging on a Pottery Barn Easter Basket was a must for me. 
I figure he will have it his whole life- because we will be that family that still hides Easter eggs until he is 30.
Pottery Barn Basket & Liner. Goodies all from Target.
The little soft books are amazing for Teething FYI he shoves the whole book in his mouth. Win Win.

We also have a few new outfits to add to the basket.
My most favorite memory of Easter when I was a little tike was coming down the stairs and seeing my new Easter outfit- I just couldn't wait to get all prettied up. I have a feeling L wont have the same enthusiasm for the love of a new outfit throughout the years but that wont stop me from buying him one!

A big milestone in our household this week...
We are officially sitting up in the tub

I am not to sure why this took so long but we had to buy the yellow sponge for him to sit on because the mini tub is so slippery. Speaking of the mini tub we still have him in it because he looks so grown up because the big tub takes so long to fill up. Needless to say we are loving bath time these days.

Dog Owners... Help

L is super duper OBSESSED with Tybee...Tybee is not super duper obsessed with L.
He will do anything to yank touch the dog and this morning Tybee got a little mad. 
I am not sure if he would actually bite him or if he would just nip and give him a piece of his mind? 
For now I guess I will try to keep the wondering hands away from the pup until he has a little more control over how he handles himself. For now I am using the words NO and EASY a lot which mean nothing at the moment to L.
Everyone with dogs are you totally comfortable leaving the baby around them? Is this just small dog syndrome?


  1. He is just precious! Love the Easter basket, I was at a loss as to what to get my little guy...gonna have to copy some of yours, lol!

  2. He is such a cutie!! Truthfully, we don't let our dogs near Reagan mostly because they're both huge and even a friendly gesture from them could hurt her.

  3. It looks like he is gonna have a wonderful Easter -- I didn't get my son a basket because I couldn't figure out what to put in it -- I wish I did. My advice is to keep an eye out if Landon and the dog are together (obviously). Try to redirect Landon as much as possible and keep up teaching him to be gentle.


  4. He's adorable! Love them arm rolls!

  5. Absolutely hide eggs until he's 30! My mom did simply because I didn't want to let go of the fun even when I was in college! : ] I don't doubt you loved spying a new outfit -- you have always loved your cute clothes [and cute they are!!] I love the basket -- and love that it can be used every year. Ours can, too -- I can't see buying something new every year and then never using the old one!!

  6. love the Easter basket! I agree about Easter being my favorite Holiday aside from Christmas:)

  7. Super cute basket! I can't wait to see what cute outfit you have Landon in for Easter!

    V is in the big tub now and he just looks so .. well .. BIG! I can't handle it.

    I'd say just keep a close eye on the two of them together. V is obsessed with Tiko and Tiko not so much obsessed with V :) So far they have been fine together. That all might change when he starts crawling.

  8. Aw, what a sweet basket - little L is going to love it, whether he realizes what it all is or not :) I love that PB basket liner.

  9. ahhh i laugh at the dog situation, because Bronx does that to our little shih tzu too! haha. he squeals and gets so excited when Tank comes near, but Tank doesn't like to hang around him too much because he knows he will get grabbed :)

  10. Oh my gosh!!!! LOVE his Easter basket and LOVE the bath time photos. Such a cutie pie!

  11. How cute, love the last photo!

    Hope you have a great day!



  12. Our Golden Retriever (2 years old) is great with the baby. He can climb all over her, pull her hair, put his hands in her mouth/eyes/ears and she's totally fine. The Sheltie (11 years old) is NOT ok with the baby touching her at all. She gets pretty snappy. She's never bit him or anything, but we try to keep him away from her. It's hard though because he loves them so much and just wants to touch them. We're working with Mally on being nicer and giving her treats when she's good. It's just going to take time for them all to get used to each other and for the baby to understand how to be gentle.