Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A New Look

I have to give credit where credit is due...

is responsible for this amazing blog design! She seriously is so prompt, organized, and listens to everything you say. I have wanted a new design for some time and did a lot of research and finally decided to take the plunge with Miss Aubrey and I am sooo happy I did. If anyone is looking for a new fresh look please give her a shout you wont regret it.

Also I have my M.I.A for awhile now as we have had one hell of a few weeks.

A huge snow storm hit us and dropped 3+ feet of snow 

Also we lost a family member, Landon has lost his uncle.
Roberto's brother was stabbed and died of his injuries at a young age of 20.
A parent should never have to bury their children it is just wrong.
It makes me very sad and scared at the world we are now living in- this is what I have to raise my little boy in. There are people out there that now carry guns and knives like they are carrying their wallet. The days when there was a confrontation and you went out back to fist fight are long gone. People will actually stab or shot people without thinking twice and that is crazy to me.

We all wore red bows for his favorite color and his nickname was "Bo" 

So needless to say I have been very emotionally drained and in a need of a serious jug of wine.

I leave you with my sons newest face
Thank god he can make me smile!


  1. Hugs, hugs, hugs. I'm so sorry for you loss. Just heartbreaking. :(

    LOOOOOOOVE the design! Just beautiful! Makes me want to change up mine, again.

  2. Im so sorry for your loss :( It is a scary world!