Monday, December 3, 2012


You know how everyone says "Friday night has a whole new meaning when you're a mom"

Well if you aren't a mom then you haven't heard this. So disregard

If you are a mom then you will appreciate that having a 3 month old sit in a jumper for 20 minutes is a solid Friday night.

Be Jealous

We did some push ups.

He obviously works out

And a little tree decorating 

The hats...and double chins on everyone

I died

Precious Dad & Son moment

I couldn't have them show me up... 

Even MORE precious mom and son moment


  1. Aww the ones of you guys and the tree are precious!

  2. The pics is front of the tree are so sweet

  3. I love it! Fantastic pics of you both in front of the tree -- priceless! Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me ; )

  4. Love the Christmas tree pictures! Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. It's funny because it's true what they say. Weekends are a lot different when you have kids.

  5. So many adorable pictures, your baby is so cute

  6. He is such a little doll!!! I love that our babes are so close in age!

  7. He's so cute!

    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!