Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Name

What goes into a babies name?! I mean this little person is going to have this name for the rest of their lives. They have to go through kindergarten with it, go through highschool while their parents are screaming the name to make that touchdown or POINT your toes in a dance recital, and they have to be able to be established with their names when they are older and are working. Probably one of the hardest things I have had to do is settle on a name for my baby boy. After many talks and boyfriend saying "no that reminds me of a douche bag in highschool" or "no he did steroids while playing for the Baltimore Ravens" Oh and not to mention boyfriend has not come up with ONE name for this baby...I was very happy to say we had finally settled on the name.

                                                                   Until Last Night...

                        My guilty pleasure is 16 and pregnant and Teen mom, ya I know--gross.

I have not tuned into 16 and pregnant in sometime, but last night boyfriend had a softball game and went out for a few beers after so I was on my own for television and supper (wah) so I decided why not indulge in some trash TV

                                                                         Meet Devon:

And baby daddy Colin...

       These wonderful people will name their son the same name we have taken almost 7 months to decide.

                                                                            UGH why me?!

Now picture this- me laying on the bed propped up by my boppy pillow shirt pulled up with Burts Bee's oil soaking on my belly... I hear the name from the white trash mouth and immediately start to cry. Like BAWL. Snot flying...everything. So if we decided on keeping the name and ANYONE thinks I picked it because of these peeps I will go into a fit rage because WE had it first!!!!

Also on a even more awesome note: a co-worker of mine who is pushing 70 and has the worst breath I have ever encountered said this to me today and I quote "“Wow you don’t look so pregnant today. Yesterday in your black dress you looked really pregnant and I thought black made people look slimming but guess not” What is it with people?!


  1. HAHAHAHA love you, remember, have mercy on your child or they end up with a name like mine, being called BRIAN on the first day of school for their entire elementary career. Mortifying

  2. OH and I meant to add....if you give them a difficult name they will just change it anyway once they can. Like how I chopped off the end half of my name in college and you met me as Brie. Think about that.

  3. I say stick with Landon :) I love that name! and there is NO comparison. LOL.

    New reader/follower :) congrats on the sweet baby!