Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maternity Wear

Liz Lange Target $34.99
I caved in and bought my first pair of Maternity Pants. I use the phrase "caved in" loosely because I know sooner or later I would have to make this purchase. I decided it was time yesterday at around 11am when I felt it was best for me to unbutton my pants and kept them like this for the remainder of the day. I decided on these Liz Lange pants and when I put them on in the dressing room I thrilled I was a size 2 in maternity and also I was pissed at myself for not making this purchase sooner. These pants are the most comfortable thing I have ever put on. I highly recommend this brand to anyone expecting, great shape on your overall body and unbelievable comfort.


Also in exciting news my mom is finally starting to put together ideas for the shower. She found this idea on Pinterest for centerpieces and I am super inlove with it. All it is, is a vase with babies breath submerged in water with a floating candle. We will do the candle blue or pink depending on if we have a lad or lassie:)

We have our next appointment on Friday. We are doing a bunch of blood work for testing involving things like CF and Down Syndrome to name a few. I have no idea why I am so worked up about this test, we do not have any family history of it and I am young and healthy so the doctor says the chances are slim. However the pregnant dreams of having a non healthy baby are becoming to much to handle so I will be excited when this is over. 3 more days!!!!

I think it has finally hit me that I am 16 weeks pregnant and I am actually going to have a baby. I bought a pack and play probably about a month and a half ago here is a pic of it
The only reason why I bought it so early was because I got it SUPER cheap at Babies R us. I obviously had to set it up right away because I am a control freak. So up it went as soon as it came out of the box, and I didn't stop there, it had to be put right beside the bed because we are going to use this as a co-sleeper for the first month or so. While its beside the bed it is currently being used nicely as a night stand, and is filled with my sweatpants, hair ties, water cups, trailmix... whatever I need in the middle of the night is in there. So to visualize a baby in there in 5 months is pretty funny to me

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