Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Start for REAL this time:)

Well I started my blog back in January and did nothing with it became super busy and super addicted to stalking other peoples blogs, I decided I better get back on the blogging wagon.I basically started this blog to track my pregnancy. I see so many super cute blogs with outfits and fashion stuff well to be honest Im not super fashionable I like to think I am time to time, so there will be a few pics of my outfits here and there as well.

We announced to our family and friends with a Chalkboard, I found it on Pinterest and was super excited to let everyone know of the little bean brewing.
Announcement photo Feb 14, 2012
Everyone was super excited, even though I was basically biting all my nails off as soon as I hit upload on facebook. I thought I was seriously going to go into a panic attack, the one where you need a brown paper bag and need to stay in the fetal position. Once the news hit facebook my fears of being a non married (girl with the boyfriend) pregnant white girl finally went away. So then decided it would be fun to track the adventure and everything my body is going through on a blog:) lucky you guys!

Chalkboard pic #2

One of my best friends B told me to do the chalkboard only when the baby was a funny fruit or when there was an important day (finding out the sex, picking out a name etc). She also told me to spare everyone on facebook of all the baby bump pictures (thanks). A peach really isnt a funny fruit but I was way to excited to start making my 2nd board that I couldnt wait. So there it is.

14 Weeks!

Well there it is, baby bump and our un-made bed in the background (embarrassing) Baby bump has finally decided to make its appearance.

Now that I overloaded with 3 baby picture I will stop for today:)

Have a good weekend~~

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  1. I had the SAME thought when we announced on fb - everyone would judge judge judge because we aren't engaged, married or have that in sight.

    They can think what they want because we are perfectly happy with our little jelly bean on the way ;-) Hopefully no one voiced negative opinions to you!!